Create a magnetic field to promote many preferential policies in hit

in Anhui province this year for innovation and entrepreneurship is very seriously, every city in the implementation of innovative work actively, help more people realize their entrepreneurial wealth, but also to better promote the economic development of Anhui province!


to meet the conditions of the start-up and reward on value-added tax, business tax, enterprise income tax, individual income tax retained part, total payment business prize money up 5 million 330 thousand yuan. In addition, the city through the implementation of the public nesting, nursery seedlings, financial boost, cultural leadership, service and other 5 major projects to enhance the task of the 15.

launched the first cast, the first arm, the first loan, the first "as the core of the eight policies, the establishment of venture capital secured loan guarantee fund 250 million yuan, 100 thousand yuan to 4 million yuan loan support for all types of business enterprises, last year issued the new business loans 1 billion 10 million yuan, ranking first in the province.

youth are the main force of innovation and entrepreneurship, the city to carry out extensive education in local colleges and universities, entrepreneurship education courses into credit management. Encourage entrepreneurship Park and universities to cooperate to build mechanisms, including Yijiang District youth entrepreneurship Park in accordance with the characteristics of a school program.

and Anhui Engineering University, Wuhu Institute of Technology and other colleges and universities to build a creative design Park, industrial design Park, Electromechanical Technology Park Park, the park to enjoy the lowest settled threshold, optimal youth support policies, the city emerged China sales of the largest food business enterprise three squirrel Agel Ecommerce Ltd, the success of university students in the typical Anhui dream Information Technology Co. companies such as a large number of outstanding entrepreneurial enterprises.

in order to effectively solve the financing problems of the college students’ entrepreneurship, innovation of College Students’ unsecured business loans, arrangements for the annual amount of not more than 6 million yuan, the incubator, the government controlled Guarantee Corporation recommended free guarantee, the postal savings bank lending and other ways to support the students start, currently has 6 batches, 41 college students entrepreneurs issued 3 million 100 thousand yuan unsecured business loans. The city has also introduced fresh college graduates to stay in public rental policy, the annual arrangement of 1 million yuan of special funds used to organize all kinds of entrepreneurship competition, stimulate entrepreneurial enthusiasm entrepreneurs.


Self Hot pot stores effective promotion strategy

one to the rest of the day or holiday, whether we go to the mall or go to the supermarket can see a lot of promoters in the hard to recommend their products to passers-by, what the industry has. Promotion has become a trend, even food and beverage stores have to learn how to recommend their own products to the customer, but the promotion is to see the effect, no effect of promotion is undoubtedly a failure.

how to open a self-service hot pot franchise how effective? We all know that the hot pot has always been the hot pot of the four seasons, investment in hot pot shop is also a hot business, then open a hot pot restaurant how to really achieve sales promotion effect? Xiaobian today to answer for you.

Effective promotion strategy of

self-service chafing dish store

1, price promotions

if you encounter the threat of competitors in the industry, if it is hot pot chain in the off-season, if it is a major holiday, you can consider the price promotion! Among them, the price range is usually appropriate to 20~30%, low prices will not only hurt their image and vital interests, but also provoke vicious competition with the industry. Price strategy can be a comprehensive price, it can be a product price.

2, coupon promotions

Under what circumstances is

appropriate? When the store turnover is declining, you can send coupons. Meet the competitor’s low-cost attack, in order to keep the old customers, you can send coupons. Brand hot pot shop has just opened, in order to expand the influence, you can offer coupons in the surrounding area. In order to improve customer loyalty, you can also give the appropriate concessions to the old customers.

3, gift promotion

gift gift shop Hot pot also targeted, not unconditional offer. Otherwise the gift will lose value, for the pursuit of a sensational effect is not worth it. Gift not only to build brand awareness, but also to consider the promotion of brand reputation, with their own brand image closely linked.

4, service promotion

hot pot restaurant service is critical. Therefore, to do a good job of service, the relationship between the hot pot restaurant business! In the holidays, you can also send a greeting card, etc., and with some coupons.

promotions to attract customers in the shortest possible time, a flexible grasp of these promotional methods to drive sales of hot pot sales steadily improve, I hope the small series of articles to help you start your business. If you have any questions that we can help you answer, please leave a message below our website to see the message

Enable chain store location secret

cooking taste good, and the cooking process is very simple, many investors would like to open a chain to enable entrepreneurship, and before that, a high first master franchise location is very important.

do consumption level

cooking is delicacy choice, is to attract consumers, and these kinds of people’s consumption level is higher, so that it can bring higher profits to enable business. Enable chain store opened in the location where the good? In time to do the investigation of local consumption level, it is helpful to do business positioning, cooking.

open chain store location cooking skills: good flow survey

enable business is good, and the people flow past a relationship, therefore, in the investigation when the site is also to do good flow. How to open a franchise cooking? Cooking franchise before the flow of people, the consumption amount is higher, business is good, earn too much.

in the shop before doing the investigation work, so that we can find a good shop to ensure their peace of mind, management is not a problem. How to enable a franchise? Do the investigation to find a suitable shop address, hard, believe that the business is not bad.


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Join a fragrance snack car make money

for business with a small capital entrepreneurs who choose to join a fragrance snack car, is the best choice of our business. Whether it is in the street or alley, to join a product fragrance snacks, are very convenient choice. Join a product fragrance snack car? Brand snacks, join more advantages!

a fragrance snack car, has a range of delicacy, product diversification, much consumer attention in the market! A fragrance snack cart, convenient operation, good taste, popularity is a good investment. How much is a product of a fragrance snack car to join the cost of a product snack car to join the small investment, large profit margins!

a fragrance snack car, electric foot, everywhere can shop! The franchisee can choose according to the city characteristics, the flow of people and more places, thus greatly improving the sales, provides more effective protection for money! A fragrance fastfood car joins what is the charge? A fragrance snack car to join the investment cost a low, broad market prospects, good money project

!How about

8090 tea shop to join details

in many of the theme of milk tea to join the brand, what kind of franchise brands are more popular with consumers, what kind of brand market demand is relatively large. Small series recognized 8090 specialty milk tea shop. The 8090 is Qingxin church group brand, is the perfect degree of fruit tea upgrade Juxian, first "civilian luxury" theme tea shop, launched nearly 100 best-selling quality tea drinks, Double-Layer Steamed Milk, burn, coffee, tea, Smoothie foam etc..

8090 maximize profit franchisee to bring several times sales and profits for the store. So, how should join 8090 milk tea, milk tea to join the advantages of joining the conditions and types of investment which we have a look at the following:

8090 is Qingxin church group brand, is the perfect degree of fruit tea upgrade Juxian, first "civilian luxury" theme tea shop, launched nearly 100 best-selling quality tea drinks, Double-Layer Steamed Milk, burn, coffee, tea, Smoothie foam etc.. 8090 to maximize the benefits of franchisees, bring several times the sales and profits for the store. So, how should join 8090 milk tea, milk tea to join the advantages of joining the conditions and types of investment which we have a look at the following:

a, join conditions and investment type

1, 8090 joined the conditions: how to join the 8090 milk tea, tea, join the strengths of the advantages of joining the conditions and types of investment which agree with the corporate culture of 8090, convinced that the brand of 8090, willing to obey the company’s management.

2, investment type

A 8090 professional tea shop, more than 5 square meters, the price of 3-6 yuan, more than 80 drinks, a pearl milk tea, burn, Double-Layer Steamed Milk, sago, fruit tea, bubble tea, 8090 special drink, coffee, milkshakes, Smoothie etc..


B type tea snacks / beef offal shop, more than 15 square meters, price 3-8 yuan. Choose one of the leisure snacks / beef offal. A tea: tea, beef offal shop + smokeless barbecue snacks + + beef offal popcorn: 10 variety of beef offal snack, plus 30 variety of smokeless barbecue snacks, grilled chicken, French fries, chicken, as closely linked as flesh and blood, mutton and other smokeless snacks; ball type popcorn more than and 10 taste characteristics. B tea: tea, snack shop + exotic flavor snack snacks, hundreds of snacks can be selected.


C type 8090 luxury 3 fresh flagship store: 30 meters "fresh milk fresh tea" luxury presents: A, milk + fruit + fresh tea making drinks, cake pastry, fruit and fish, Fresh Juice, fresh fruit, health tea, ice cream.

Business is always the fashion topic you belong to venture a few Dan

business is always the world of fashion topic, Shi Yuzhu, Ma Yun, Robin Li, all these pioneering predecessors to envy, their entrepreneurial story almost all of these stories are often for having heard it many times, entrepreneurship inspired the later business of every hue. However, many of these entrepreneurial stories to listen to, it is easy to give an illusion that they do not understand the high-tech technology or not a large amount of venture capital, you can not venture. This is a misunderstanding. To create a large company is a business, and the formation of a small company, or even do a self-employed this is also a business. They are essentially different entrepreneurial venture, just started dan.


the entrepreneurial Dan the biggest feature is: entrepreneurs often have no money or only a small amount of savings, however, have a dream, or for the living force, had to do some small business, this Dan entrepreneurship is often said that the small business.

some people often look not on the grade of entrepreneurship, did not feel what technical content, or that the scale is too small, "no style". But as long as you can take this step, the courage than those who only making people strong, mocking words. Do you know at the beginning of Kentucky Fried Chicken is how to do poineering work? Driving his old Ford car, selling fried chicken all over the place! After that? KFC restaurants all over the world.

this stage of entrepreneurship in the initial time, you must first examine their advantages in what place, to objectively estimate their tolerance for risk and from public pressure, to look at the so-called "hot" in the franchising industry cautious.

secondly to seriously consider their own profit model, of course, if only to sell products that may profit model is relatively simple, if engaged in the third industry, such as consulting, intermediary and other industries, so you have to carefully study how to collect fees, fees, who received much less fees, and whether the consumer recognition of your charging method and so on, are needed to solve your problems in the profit model.

EntrepreneurshipThe characteristics of this venture is

have considerable money, we must first examine their own pre occupation experience, think of your next venture without help. For example recommend

Entrepreneurship is not difficult to start from the simplest things

  a thousand miles, thus by the small product big influence, entrepreneurship is such. Entrepreneurship is not difficult, starting from childhood, and gradually become bigger and stronger, to achieve their own value, and ultimately achieve their goals. Entrepreneurial opportunities will appear every day in our side, just to see if you can start from a simple, not just to make money.

Guangzhou new venture subsidy measures released regardless of household registration

in order to create a good social atmosphere for entrepreneurs, the regional governments have introduced their own business subsidies. Recently, Guangdong’s new venture subsidy approach baked, causing widespread concern in the community. In the new subsidy approach, Guangdong to break the traditional mode of support because of household registration, open the new journey regardless of household registration assistance.

City executive meeting recently held

to use the entrepreneurial passion, achieve more entrepreneurial achievements, the government actively support is one of the righteous. Guangzhou invested 1 billion 100 million yuan to support entrepreneurship in the past 5 years, increased entrepreneurial support. More worthy of praise is that the new way to get rid of the restrictions on household subsidies, the city’s household registration in Guangzhou entrepreneurs and start-ups will benefit from. For example, entrepreneurship training subsidies expanded to non city residence of the various types of urban and rural workers, a one-time venture funded and rent subsidies to expand in Guangzhou attending the general higher education, occupation school, technical school students, entrepreneurship subsidies extended to all start-ups…… These measures will greatly broaden the benefits of entrepreneurship subsidies Guangzhou surface, sowing more entrepreneurial seeds. Adhering to the concept of "heroes do not ask the source" in the support of entrepreneurship, but also reflects the openness and tolerance of the city of Guangzhou.

A, need the whole chain business tracking service. Issued a business subsidies, to push a start-up companies at the same time, it may be better to establish a tracking entrepreneur and entrepreneurial projects in the city level information base, more conducive to understanding the development of the situation, targeted to help. For example, some entrepreneurial team lack of experience, the relevant departments can come to some of the recommended

Guo Ying in a wheelchair on the road to the cultivation of Pinus sylvestris

many of us may have entrepreneurial ideas, but some people do not dare to give up, some people are very strong enough to carry on the success of today, the hero is such a respected person, he is a disabled person, but the business changed their own destiny, is an example to us all!

2001 />


2005, Guo Ying’s nursery base expanded to 30 acres, besides planting Pinus sylvestris, Platycladus orientalis, Pinus tabulaeformis, wax, and five maple and lilac dozens of afforestation seedlings.